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Earth Science and Astronomy

Graphic and Computer Sciences

  • Yuko FUJIGAKI (Professor)
    Research FieldScience and Technology Studies, Scientometrics
    Research ThemesSocial Responsibility of Scientists,Public Ethics, and the Spirit of Specialism
  • Kazuo HIRAKI (Professor)
    Research FieldCognitive Science, Social Brain Science
    Research ThemesDevelopmental Science, Developmental Congnitive Neuroscience
  • Michio KATO (Professor)
    Research FieldArchitecture, Architectural History and Design
    Research ThemesDesign of Modern Architecture
  • Kazuhiro UEDA (Professor)
    Research FieldCognitive Science, Intelligent Informatics, Humanistic Social Informatics
  • Kazunori YAMAGUCHI (Professor)
    Research FieldInformatics
    Research ThemesData Models
  • Yasushi YAMAGUCHI (Professor)
    Research FieldMedia informatics
    Research ThemesVisual Media,Computer Graphics,Image Processing
  • Yurika YOKOYAMA (Professor)
    Research FieldArchitectural and Urban Planning, Environmental Psychology and Environment-Behavior Studies
    Research ThemesEnabling Environment, Inclusive Design, Environmental Cognition, Information in Built Environment, Graphics Science
  • Alex FUKUNAGA (Associate Professor)
    Research FieldArtificial Intelligence, Combinatorial Optimization
    Research ThemesEvolutionary Computation, Search Algorithms, Automated Planning and Scheduling
  • Masataka NAKAMURA (Associate Professor)
    Research FieldDiscrete Mathematics, Combinatorics
    Research ThemesConvex Geometries and Closure Systems
  • Aktoshi KAWAMURA (Lecturer)
    Research FieldComputer Science
    Research ThemesAlgorithms and Computation
  • Akimasa MORIHATA (Lecturer)
    Research FieldComputer Science (Programming Language)
    Research ThemesSystematic developments of efficient programs
  • Haruaki FUKUDA (Assistant Professor)
  • Yoko FUNATO (Assistant Professor)
  • Kenji KASHIWABRA (Assistant Professor)
    Research FieldMathematics. Combinatorics
  • Tomohiro TACHI (Assistant Professor)
    Research FieldInformation Science,Architecture
    Research ThemesComputational Design,Computer Graphics

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